What Makes SEO Hosting Such A Powerful Concept

Most business managers who own a website have heard of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It works extremely well for all kinds of businesses – both online and offline. But why? Why would anyone invest in SEO hosting then? Reasons are quite diversified, but in this industry, what works for some people may actually work for others too. While SEO campaigns are individualized and thoroughly optimized, the truth is that the benefits of this field apply to pretty much everyone. Understanding the advantages of SEO hosting is the first step in making an informed choice regarding the optimal service for your business.

Staying Clean and Away from Penalized IPs

When it comes to shared hosting, you might know already that it relies on putting more websites on the same server. In other words, there are more customers with more websites who share the same IP. On the same note, if one of these websites distributes malware, shares illegal scripts or goes against the laws, the “neighbors” will suffer from the same banning risks. Your innocent website can be easily affected, no matter how serious and legal you are. With this idea in mind, SEO hosting provides you with one unique IP. No one else will use it. As a direct consequence, you can avoid a series of penalties that might reflect over your work.

Seo Penalized IP

Not an Expense, but an Investment

Search engine optimization is often taken for a cost or an expense. It is not. In fact, it is an investment – an investment with a pretty impressive ROI. The same rule applies to SEO hosting. Some keywords have a huge conversion rate, yet it obviously depends on the business or industry. Keep in mind that most clicks go within the first three results when someone looks for something online. SEO – if done correctly – can take you there. With these conclusions in mind, search engine optimization was often likened to spending money in the real estate field. Returns can be amazingly huge if you do it by the book. But then, remember that no one can guarantee for anything in SEO.

Seo Business Investment

Relying on Distinct IPs for Your Website

As a beginner, you may not necessarily realize it now, but having distinct IPs for more websites is certainly a plus, especially when you got interlinked websites. For instance, you might want some of your websites to be appealing to specific customer segments. If they go on the same server or IP, they obviously cannot provide such a good result when they link one to another. Links between them devalue overnight because search engines find them to be part of the same large website. They cannot provide the required effect. On a different note, having distinct IPs for your websites will allow a proper campaign and more spectacular results.

Distinct IP Seo

Taking Advantage of Social Sharing

Social media is definitely an important part of SEO. If you engage in such networks, you should know that SEO can make your job easier. The content you and others share over social networks is directly proportional with how well integrated descriptions and meta tags are. When people share, tweet or post something, that is what their audience can see. In other words, the importance of proper tagging is soften overlooked, but certainly worth some attention. SEO must be done in a tight collaboration with the actual marketing. In simple words, if done responsibly, SEO will help you control what people read about your website. What can be more encouraging than that?


Helping Others Find Your Businesses

Having a website is not everything. Anyone can get one. Even a kid can make a website and put it up online. But SEO helps people find it, hence the importance of professional SEO hosting. Keep in mind that your website is your online business card. It will generate sales, provide leads and gain the attraction of new potential customers and partners. However, in order to get so far, people should actually find you website. This industry is no longer about the clicks only. Instead, it must be implemented in the business strategies and goals – both long and short term. Without search engine optimization, your website will show up on the 175-th result page or even farther. No one will find it. Plus, no one will find and notice your business either.

Seo Business

Specifications of Local and International SEO

When it comes to local SEO, figure your geographical target upfront. Obviously, ties to relevant areas will rank higher than those with no ties at all. If your IP is relevant to the respective place of the world, chances are your website will become more visible to locals than to random international users who will never benefit from your product or service.

International SEO works by exactly the same principles though. However, you should know that most search engines rely on the IPs in order to trigger some ranking signals. If your website’s IP is in the USA, it will rank better in this part of the world. On the same note, if you live in Japan and you target the respective area, SEO hosting allows you to find a local IP. Just make sure that you do not overlook this concept.

Regional Seo Ranking

How about the Extra Speed?

Speed is not to be overlooked either. If you target a particular area, having an IP in that area will ensure faster loading times for locals. It might feel like the difference is not too obvious, but it actually is. Besides, search engines will also count the loading times. Faster is better. If your website is too slow and it barely loads, chances are search engines will take it for a blank one, so the ranking will be terrible. Also, as you have your own IP, it does not mean that you have to share this server with others. Dedicated addresses are way faster than shared alternatives because there are no neighbors to take the speed away.

In conclusion, SEO hosting is certainly worth some attention, especially if you do take SEO seriously an you can actually understand its benefits.

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